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Custom Branding & Pro Support

Digital Q&A

Our Q&A tool lets your audience submit questions anonymously throughout your presentation. Plus, features like upvoting and moderation are baked-in.

Glisser presenters experience a vast improvement in the volume and quality of questions, so no more awkward silences at the end of a presentation.

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Live Polling

Setup a poll in seconds and get real-time insights from your audience via their smartphone. No app downloads and no clickers, just a simple URL that works on any device.

Polling lets you profile audiences, collect quantitative data and display the results in real-time. You can even create quizzes or tests, anything is possible.

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Actionable Analytics

By collecting emails and data for every interaction, Glisser turns your presentation into an opportunity to gather leads, profile audiences and discover new insights.

Our simple dashboard then makes all your data actionable. Analyse it on our platform, download as a spreadsheet or upload it into your own CRM system.


Social Sharing

Let your audience easily tweet slides with a hashtag of your choice, enhancing social buzz and ending bad photos of projector screens.

You can also live-tweet your own content automatically as you present it. Then pull it all together with a tweet wall alongside your slides.


Amplify Your Content

Attendees can automatically download slides at the end of a presentation, simplifying your job and letting your presentation live on beyond the room. You can also track who downloaded it.

Glisser presentations can also be embedded directly into your website or blog for even greater reach and impact.

Custom Branding & Pro Support

Glisser is designed to make any presentation amazing, whether you're a single presenter or lecturer, or a huge multi-national running a flagship conference.

Our enterprise features allow you to fully customise your Glisser experience. We can rebrand our application, offer profesional service, consultancy and bespoke integrations. Contact us to learn more.