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Utilising interactive presentation software to help you reach your goals

Whether you are lecturing a class of students, training an internal team about your new company values, presenting the latest marketing campaign to your salesforce, or updating analysts on your Q1 results, Glisser presentation software helps you achieve your goals.

Perhaps you are seeking to build a strong brand across social media channels? In which case, Glisser is the best presentation software for enhancing your social media presence. Why? Well Glisser is the only application that lets you live-share your presentation slides to audience smartphones, and then let them tweet individual slides with just a single tap.

By sharing your presentation content, rather than just commenting on your presentation, it’s eight times more likely that those tweets will get retweeted. This significantly enhances the potential for your presentation to shared well beyond the people that were in the room, improving your personal brand, and increasing your chances for future speaking slots. Presentation software that gets you more presentation slots? What’s not to like?

How does our presentation software work?

How does it work? When you enable the Twitter feed you just select a hashtag – usually the hashtag for the overall event. This will pull in all the tweets with this hashtag, and make them available in your audience’s smartphones. Through our presentation software you can bring up a live Tweet Wall on top of your slides or have a separate screen in the room connected to a laptop that shows the Tweet wall. Your audience then connect a Twitter account via their smartphone (it just takes a tap), and then they can tweet your slides.

Collect sales leads with our presentation software

With Glisser your audience is always engaged, using their smartphones for positive interaction and feedback, rather than just checking Facebook or email. Glisser presentation software improves audience participation, attention and aids learning. Plus, because your audience is interacting and providing feedback and indications of their preferences, you can turn your audience in actual sales leads.

If you enable the feature, your audience will ask you questions during your presentation, but you can choose when to answer them. Most presenters wait until the end of the presentation and then answer the most popular ones. Some presenters answer questions more frequently during their session, though this is a harder skill to master. In any case, our presentation software let’s you choose when you address these questions, and stores them all as well. If you run out of time, you can always follow up with the individuals who asked the other questions, as Glisser will have captured their emails for you. So that way, the presentation is a lead creation tool - and not only do you get the email address, but also that person’s responses to your polls and their questions and comments about your content - valuable qualitative data.