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Founded in 2014 and launched in Beta at Event Tech Live later that year, Glisser was created to offer a simple way of collecting more data at business events and meetings. With over 10 years of marketing experience, Glisser CEO Mike consistently saw live events and meetings taking the lion's share of his budget but not delivering the data needed to prove their ROI. He also attended a vast number of presentations that were poorly delivered and frankly quite boring, there had to be an opportunity here to disrupt the space.

Since launch Glisser has won numerous high profile clients including Amex, Visa, Bloomberg and UBS, as well as supporting five government departments and multiple universities, MBAs, schools and startup events. Glisser is also backed by Downing Ventures and a number of angel investors, including Leonora Valvo, founder of eTouches and InsightXM.

In 2015, Glisser graduated the MassChallengeUK accelerator winning the gold award, and is currently part of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator. Glisser was the only UK company named as a finalist for 'Event Technology of the Year', and a year after launch returned to Event Tech Live where it won the 'Best New Technology Product' award category.

Meet the team

Michael Piddock


Founder & CEO
Sammy Deveille


Rebecca Tobi


Enterprise Director