Glisser | Interactive Presentations

A new benchmark for student engagement

Glisser offers powerful student participation tools
through a simple PowerPoint software extension

Student quizzes without extra hardware

Glisser connects students to your presentation, via their smartphone or laptop.

Let them answer quizzes, vote in polls, ask anonymous questions, and offer feedback without needing a clicker or downloading an app.

Chrome iPad

A more engaging learning experience

Share your lecture slides in real-time to student devices, so they can take electronic notes and study after the class.

Moderated and anonymous live questions enable you to answer the most important issues from even the shy students.

Chrome iPad

Track valuable student interaction data

A simple analytics interface provides a comprehensive view of each lecture presentation downloaded and every student interaction.

It’s quick and easy to download the data and integrate into your existing teaching software.


90 Second Glisser Intro

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